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Jeremy's Mission

In 2017, the Top 3 Home Improvement platforms, made over $800 million dollars from contractors like you. The bulk of that money was made from selling you leads. What was the Return on your Investment from purchasing these leads? Was your return robust like theirs? At ToolboxPros, contractors will never pay for a lead. Toolbox Pros is NEVER more than $10.00-$35.00 per month. I’ve created an incredible platform with over 28,618 pages, across the U.S. for the top 16 home improvement services in the industry. And contractors love it. Why? Because I’ve given control back to the Homeowners and the Contractors. Here is the basis of Toolbox Pros and why it’s the next big thing:

ToolboxPros LLC is disrupting the industry because of 3 reasons.

  1. Contractors are required to pass all 6 of our compliances. 
  2. Our monthly price points are hundreds & thousands of dollars less than HomeAdvisor, Porch and AngiesList.
  3. Most importantly, we do NOT charge our contractors for leads ever.

That’s right, we don’t pass on any hidden fees to our contractors. They pay a monthly fee, up front, and we don’t force contractors to bid against each other for the same lead. We call charging for leads a “bait and switch”, and the big companies are getting rich off of the idea while the contractors, who are small business owners, pay the price. The contractors are the ones making money for the giant corporations despite their service being advertised as “free to register”. Is it possible for a service to be free for the homeowner and the contractors, allowing them to join for free, and no monthly charges or fees? That does not make sense. In reality, the contractor signs up and must pay for every lead, pay for placement in the search lists, as well as other hidden fees. The more money the small business owner pours into their platforms, the more leads they will receive. A lot of those leads lack in quality as well. In order for the small business owner to recoup that loss, the homeowner will pay more for the home improvement project being completed.

It is a broken system and we are here to fix it, in the most simple way that we know how. We rolled up our sleeves, hashed out a plan, and decided that the simplest way is the best way for everyone. We charge a small monthly fee of $10.00-$35.00, place 15 contractors on each page, and then rotate each contractor to the top so that they each receive their turn at the top of the search list. On other platforms, contractors would have to pay a large fee for that prime, number one spot because research has proven that location gets the most clicks. Buying that spot limits the ability for small businesses to reach customers and, again, will increase the cost being passed on to the homeowner. Our way is simple, straightforward and benefits everyone. Our concept ensures that the homeowner gets the best contractor for the job, pays only for the work they need, and every small business owner receives the same share of leads with no hidden fees or costs. The small, affordable fee collected from our contractors is reinvested into advertising, site development, and visibility. This creates a thriving ecosystem for everyone involved, and not just the giant tech companies.

Every contractor on our site has passed our Toolbox Pros compliance concept, which includes:

  • A background check
  • BBB ranked
  • No Liens
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Yelp verified

I know that I have found the right solution for the homeowners, contractors and us. Welcome to Toolboxpros!